Monday, November 24, 2008

Giving thanks.

It's been my favorite holiday since:

  • It was cold (really cold) and Pete made a turkey on the weber (circa 2006)

  • Pete got just a little drunk at my parent's house (circa 1996)

  • We all wore flannel shirts (circa 1992)

  • We could just stay home (circa 1980something)

And there aren't any presents. And lots of complex carbohydrates. And turkey. And we rotate - this year my family, next year Pete's. So, no holiday in the car. And a little football thrown in for funsies. I'm thankful for all of that. So thankful that this year, I'm going to do it: I'm going to make my own crust.

And I'm thankful for Suzy and Harry. For what they have taught us, for the excuse to buy legos, for the never ending pile of laundry, the extra body heat on a cold night and all the things yet to come. Even if I complain about them. Or step on them while barefoot. Really. I'm thankful. For you, too.

Happy Thanksgiving, I hope you like it as much as I do.

Photo credit to Harry!

PS - I'd say I'm thankful for a girl who usually sleeps from 10-4, but who wants to jinx that?

Sunday, November 23, 2008


There are those weekends that make you think, 'I can't wait until I get to work on Monday so I can relax'. This was almost one of those. On Friday, we met friends for average pizza and outstanding entertainment, Saturday was filled with errands and meetings and work for Pete, and today was Suzy's dedication, a trip to IKEA and my aunt's 50th birthday party in Naperville, IL. It's a good thing I only have to work 2 days next week.

Harry likes IKEA. He selected some cookware this trip. I'm a little concerned that he's taking Iron Chef a little more seriously than the LEGO guys would prefer:

Meanwhile, it seems Suzy has a bit of a dairy sensitivity. Bread with a bit of milk sugar or whey, that's okay. A grilled cheese sandwich or pizza, not so much. The list of what I can't eat is getting a little bit longer, but in good news, I'm really enjoying the seasonal beers. And, Pete is brewing up a batch of hard cider.

We'll be over at my mom's for Thanksgiving. I've got to dig up that fresh cranberry recipe and get some pies going. Who knows, maybe I'll learn to make crust this year.

I know, I know, I owe you some photos.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Vernacular

I think every household has it's own personality. The combination of people that make the home, the unique scent, the refrigerator decorations and of course, the language. When 2 people live together, the patterns, usage and rhythm blend to create the language of the home. If you add children to the mix, it introduces not only a new set of vocabulary, but developing pronunciation and word discovery. As you know, I like language, I've even called it fun sometimes. And, I think there are some funny things about the language of our home.

For example:

Shakies: Lego guy hand cuffs
Nappies: diapers
Pretty hot dog: any meat we're feeding Harry that is not: hot dog, chicken nugget or meatball
Dragon: Qdoba

And the latest:
Suzy muffins: dirty nappies

Monday, November 17, 2008


I've been convinced that I'm so much more tired than I was with Harry because:

1. I'm older (34 now, you know)
2. Harry = perpetual motion (even as I type this)
3. Work

These all seemed like very good reasons. Plus, there's the part where I was a little sick before Suzy was born and then the body needs some time to put itself back together after labor and delivery.

But then there's the part about the sore throat that I've had for 3 weeks. So, we took a throat culture at my 6 week check up, and it turns out I'm positive for Group A Strep which buys me 10 days on antibiotics. By the way, be sure to call the clinic tomorrow to find out about testing the kids.

And Pete thought I was faking.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


A bit of the baby blues set in last week. Nothing terrible, but enough to know I needed to get out of the house and amongst society. So, Friday I went into work, but of course, before I went to work, I took Suzy over to Pete's mom and then Harry and I had breakfast at McDonald's before school.

At McDonald's at 830 on Friday morning, there was the requisite pack of old guys having breakfast, which seems strange, but I guess it's what old guys do. These old guys, seemed a little smarter than average, since one of them had a grocery bag filled with dark chocolate Dove ice cream bars. He was sharing with his friends, and when I asked the obvious question ("are you having ice cream for breakfast?"), he replied in the affirmative and offered to share.

Pete went to the Packer game this weekend - they left on Saturday and did their weird boy sleepover thing. I survived the weekend with the kids okay, with a little dinner with friends (stop what you're doing now and make it - so good), church this morning and then the afternoon at my mom's. Early in my maternity leave (a.k.a. baby vacation) I made a face about staying home alone with the kids and Pete went out on a limb and made a remark about being able to run library services for a Fortune 500 company and 'was I going to let 2 little kids get the best of me'?

All I have to say is my hat is off to you stay at home moms - let me know if anyone of you need a Dove bar for breakfast.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Party favors

This one's for Liam:


Important headline: If you don't watch 30 Rock you really should. Best show on television.

In other news, Suzy is a total crabbypants tonight. Which of course, makes me a complete crabbypants and Harry extra needy. And, this all ends with Pete putting Harry to bed, me on the couch with Suzy, and finally Pete and I sharing a beer. Whew. We're going to need more beer.

What happened to this? We were just there??

So, if we're supposed to be finding solutions that solve multiple problems, does it count if half a beer relaxes me and maybe puts Suzy to sleep a little?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


So I drove into work today. What a pain. I mean, all the getting dressed and showering and packing and the other cars on the road. Yeesh. It was nice to eat lunch with adults and see my work friends.

Meanwhile, Harry and Suzy spent the day with Pete's mom and were perfectly happy. They visited the ladies at the St. Luke's library and had some lunch. I'm glad to know Suzy survived the day without me, but also a little glad that she's insisting on keeping her little self glued to my side since I picked her up this afternoon.

Speaking of glued to your side, check out the Iron Chef America fans:

More on what you didn't know about your spouse

Pete: I'm like the Dancing with the Stars encyclopedia.

Really, I'm asking you, what's the proper response to that?

Monday, November 10, 2008

And we're back

I'm back to work this morning. I have to admit I feel smarter already. (If you're reading this and it's apparent that I'm not as smart as I was, it's really not very nice to tell me same.)

More later,

Saturday, November 8, 2008

The good, the bad and the ugly

No, really, I mean the movie.

It's funny what you learn about your partner 10+ years into the relationship. This morning, I was watching the above referenced movie (Clint Eastwood spaghetti western for those who have yet to enjoy the film) when Pete came in from breakfast. We had just gotten past the most excellent music in film history (just before the 3-way shoot out) when he asked how the movie ended, revealing that he had never seen same!! Honestly, you think you know a person.

In case you're suffering from the same affliction, states that you can tune into AMC on 11/13 at 11 am (no time zone listed - assume it's Eastern?) and enjoy.

In other news, I'm back to work on Monday. I'm starting to itch for something to do, as I'm really sick of sorting through the legos. Next week should be interesting, getting Harry to school and everyone to the sitter and the rest of us to work and the dog fed, I'm tired just thinking about it. I think I'll lie down now.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Do you need to plug something in?

Because according to the electrical, we now have a panel big enough for 3 houses. We're quite the home improvers here lately, what with the new furnace on Monday and the upgraded (200 amp) electrical service today.

Tomorrow Harry, Suzy and I will stay home all day and build legos. Friday is my last official day of leave, but I've got a little vacation to burn up and then will slide through the holidays with that beautiful holiday shut down.

This has been fun, but I'm ready.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

It's your civic duty

I voted. I voted for Barack Obama. I voted for change and hope and a cleaner, smarter, stronger world with less debt for Suzy and Harry. I have no guarantee that a President Obama will do these things better than a President McCain would, but, as is required, I voted my conscience. I voted for the person I believe in. I voted for the person who I think can make the most difference.

But, most importantly, I voted. Republican, democrat, green, libertarian, write-in - it's your civic duty. If you don't vote, you don't have any advantage over those who can't. If you don't vote, you don't have any right to complain. This is your chance. And, you think 1 vote doesn't matter? Ask me about the election I didn't vote in (Harry was born on election day, 4 weeks early, no absentee ballot), trust me, your vote counts. Your vote makes a difference. Your vote is as important as mine.

So, I voted. Did you?

The beginning of the end

Suzy rolled over today. Belly to back, the easy way, but still, what a rotten, evil, amazingly perfect little girl.

There might be a little bit more to the rolling over story involving a footstool and Harry, but you'll have to see me to get the rest of the story.