Monday, October 27, 2008

Time's a wastin'

Things I thought I'd do on maternity leave (besides the obvious):

1. Play the piano
Total minutes spent playing the piano since 9/30: 7

2. Read a pile of books
Total books read since 9/30: 1

3. Build multiple things out of legos
Total minutes spent hunting for lego pieces: 4,568

4. Nap, taken daily, as needed
Total naps taken: 2
Daisy, of course, rubs my nose in this every day, even now snoring next to me.

So, all this leads to what exactly have I been doing on maternity leave (again, besides the obvious)?

1. Laundry. How can one little baby make so much laundry?

2. West Wing reruns. Don't worry, I'm already hanging my head in shame.

3. Legos. (See above.)

4. Trips to Walgreens, Target and the grocery store. I don't understand why that takes so long.

5. Trying to figure out exactly why I like synchronized swimming. Really, I do.

In case you're wondering, the obvious things are:

1. Chasing Harry from one place to the next

2. Feeding and changing Suzy

3. Cleaning the house

4. Contemplating exactly how I'm going to get Pete to agree that we NEED a Wii.

5. Cooking

6. Multiple insurance/doctor phone calls

Except for the nap part, it's been very satisfying.

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