Monday, October 6, 2008

The nursery

Confession time. We moved Harry into his big boy room last year just before the holidays. Then I started using the nursery as storage/office space. We hadn't quite gotten the nursery together before all of the excitement a week ago. So, yesterday when we got home from the hospital, Pete headed up to the attic and got the car seat and the rest of the LTO's*. We acquired a bassinet since the tiny Harry days, so Suzy has a car seat, a wardrobe and a safe place to sleep even if her room is a bit of a disaster.

Today when I got to the hospital, I found Suzy in a regular crib and off all IVs. We're down to just 2 patches that will stay on until she goes home. The nurse said that we are going to 'normalize' things, meaning that Suzy will be on her own schedule eating as much as she wants when she wants. This is amazing progress, as we were told to expect it to take until tomorrow for her to work out her breathing and then another week (ending 10/14) for her to learn to eat. So, after discussing this news the nurse asked if we have everything set at home. When I hesitated, she said, 'I don't think she is going to be here very long.'

If you feel like folding and sorting LTOs, there is a giant pile on my dining room table.

*LTO's = little tiny outfits

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