Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Nicknames and long feet

Important Note: I'm a little woozy due to some muscle relaxers they are giving me, which also have the ability to prevent seizures. So, please grammatically excuse this post as my editor isn't as sharp as it should be.

Suzy is doing great. She's getting a little extra oxygen and the x-ray of her lungs looked great. There are no signs of infection and she's starting to suck on a pacifier. Her blood sugar is good and while her breathing is a little fast, it slows down nicely when Pete or I are holding her.

As some of you may know, long ago Harry declared this was a girl baby named Suzy. Round about 35 years ago when Pete learned he was having a little sister (Joanne), he was hoping for a Suzy. Our girl name for Harry was Jeanette so we quickly all agreed upon Suzette. (We're still working on the middle name, who knew this would be so hard.) For those of you keeping track, the boy names being discussed were Neil and Erik.

So, now for the update on me, the real reason Suzy join us in September instead of November. My blood pressure has gone down, but I'll be on a medication to help for the next few days. They continue to monitor my platelets, which are on the rise without any pharmacological help. I'll be on the woozy drops until tomorrow morning when the biggest risk of seizure has passed. The delivery was quick (so quick that Pete has suggest the nickname Freight Train) and uneventful. No matter, Pete and I are quite thrilled that we won't ever be doing that again.

I suppose Freight Train is better than Suzy Long Feet, which I'm sorry to report seems to be the case.

PS - Pam, thanks so much for the cookies, they are delicious!

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Gretchen said...

I'm so happy for everyone, but I really need to see photos soon!