Monday, September 29, 2008


So, for those of you wanting details, here they are. For those of you not wanting details, skip this post.
  • I'm a 1 cm dilated already, but they are giving me some gel to help that along
  • They gave me a round of steroids to help my platelet count and we're now back in the safe range over 100
  • They are taking my blood pressure every 2 hours and are okay with what they are seeing
  • They have me all tapped to dump in the epidural drugs when I say it's time
  • The MDs aren't any more concerned about my labor or delivery than with a term child
  • We suspect the child will wind up in the NICU for at least a week or so to work out the breathing and sucking.
  • All of my issues should resolve upon delivery, or shortly there after.

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