Monday, August 17, 2009

'Sears sucks, Crash'

Well, I don't really believe that, but one of the millions of Kevin Costner baseball movies was on over the weekend, and as I played the contact sport that is child photos at the Sears Picture Studio today, I was having similar thoughts.

Meanwhile, these photos are credited to the Sears studio, but you have to make an account to go see them. Hopefully the Sears copyright police don't come after me for this, but if they do I will happy comply to their demands without contacting counsel. Because, really, I know this isn't the right thing to do, but, you must see them!

When did he get all of those legs? And the feet, my god, do you see those feet?

Never mind that, look at that girl in the little yellow dress from Susie. I just love yellow. Ask Pete. He has lots of yellow shirts that he pretends not to like.

Honestly. Those legs (ha, I just typed legos - we're getting ready for a showing at the local public library; more details on that to come.)! Anyway, those legs. Only this time there's happiness in a pillowcase dress made by Auntie Jo right in front of them so I don't have to think about how long they are.

And now these. Really, honestly, I'm such a bad mother. I never got her in for 'professional' infant photos. So here's us pretending. You can't see those 6 teeth anyway. And she looks a little on the skinny side on this top one, it almost makes you think of those chicken legs we started with.

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