Monday, October 13, 2008

Chicken legs (and arms)

I told you she was long. And a little skinny. But, it won't last long. I've been too afraid to type this, thinking that it would certainly change, but Suzy doesn't do much crying. Well, except during a bath. At night we wake to sucking sounds and some grunting, but not much full out wake the neighbors wailing.

Pete got the boat out of the water today. I picked Harry up from school and took some sandwiches down to the club for lunch. Suzy and I did a mountain of errands this morning - library, pharmacy, Kohl's, grocery store and so on. I had forgotten how much space that car seat takes up in a grocery cart, even if you have skinny legs.

Harry is going to spend a few hours at the sitter's tomorrow with his pals - I'm looking forward to a nap, even if I have to wait until tomorrow to get it. I tried to stay awake last night to watch the Iron Chef Challenge with a secret ingredient of beer, but so sleepy!

PS - IC, thanks for the great fruit basket - we were clear out of bananas and who can eat Honey Nut Chex without them? Photo credit to Gretchen.

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