Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My list

Yesterday I finished most of the laundry, went to the grocery store and made a meatloaf (with one in the freezer for a later date) and some yummy scones. Today I went to the MD for bad sore throat (tonsillitis) and then took the kids to have lunch with their Dad and to the Big Backyard in New Berlin. Harry loved it and ran around like a maniac for an hour. I politely resisted conversation with a few of the moms there, which I felt a little guilty about at the time, but I really just wanted Harry to have a good time while Suzy stared and talked to me when she felt like it.

Tomorrow I'll make pigs in blankets and try and clean the bedrooms. That seems like enough to try to accomplish in one day.

Meanwhile, it occurred to me that Wikipedia is the new Cliff's Notes. And this prompted 2 more thoughts -- what are the Cliff's Notes people doing now and should library catalogs link to Wikipedia book summaries?

And, I just looked at Suzy, who was lying in the middle of her jungle gym on the floor. Now, she's off the gym on the rug and I'm wondering how she got all the way over there????

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