Monday, March 30, 2009

Here we are again...

And suddenly it's almost April. Here's a few of the things we've been up to lately:
  1. Completing Harry's kindgergarten paperwork (and having a long discussion with the principal about our Sound Book and the difference between deck and dock and how they are both used for boats which doesn't start with D but looks like a backwards D. Do you think the kindergarten teacher will hate me?)

  2. Planning Harry's 5th birthday party. If you haven't been to Organ Piper Pizza, get thee there soon. (And somehow I need to figure out how to make a Hot Wheels cake that is actually a brownie and a cookie. Really. Honestly. Doesn't he know I have a job? And haven't I taught him the merits of cake as related to cookies and brownies? )

  3. Scheduling 6 month well baby and 5 year well child doctor appointments. Yes, there will be stabbing. Yes, there will be presents for having endured the stabbing.

  4. Spending a week with Mimi and Jacob while in town on Spring Break. The Zoo and a Pampered Chef party complete with shots of White Zinfandel. (Which, while we're being honest, is the only way to drink that stuff, not that I'm a wine snob or anything.)

  5. Waiting for, willing and wanting the winter to be over and spring to take hold. Bikes, slides, strollers and other such things that do not clutter my living room and a hiatus from searching for Lego pieces are long overdue. And corn on the cob and good tomatoes. I can hardly wait!
But, until we get all those things, you'll have to make due with these:

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