Thursday, September 15, 2011


That boy. What would I do without that boy? He came home and said, 'Mom, I think it's good, right?' and then pulled this out of his backpack:

And when I hauled him in there for the picture and handed him the shirt and jacket he said, 'I'm just going to put this on because the picture is for you, right?'

Sigh. What did I ever do without that boy?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

It melts away

As some of you know, it's been a difficult summer for us. My mom is once again battling cancer - this is her fourth time around if you're counting. If you know my mom, you know she is magic. She always has enough for whatever you need - an extra place at the table, a tissue in her pocket, a bed to sleep in, a ride to spare, but mostly love.

So, as our summer melts away, as it always does too quickly this time of year, I find myself thinking of love. And magic. And hoping that it's enough to get through whatever may come next.