Wednesday, June 1, 2011

How to have a pool party

Why is it that we cram so much fun into a holiday weekend? Cook out? Date night? Friends over for drinks in the kitchen (with a headache the next morning)? Yard work? Bathroom remodeling? Parade? Yes, yes, yes, YES! Oh, wait, also a pool party. Well, more like a wading pool party, but it's just as fun. Really, keep reading, it's just as fun.

To start with, you need to go to the parade and then bring a friend home. And not just any friend, but an awesome friend who is taller than you and will call your baby sister 'Soupy' just like you do. She's even game to put on your board shorts and rash-guard shirt (honestly, why don't kids just have swimsuits like the rest of us?) and rock the look with her pony tail.

Meanwhile, you continue to fill the pool, play with water balloons provided by the neighbor, find a slip n' slide on which your pony-tailed friend demonstrates a head first slide worthy of the major leagues forcing you ask your mom for advice to complete same. Of course, your mom spent too many summer nursing scraped knees and ankles to be considered any sort of authority on sliding so you are stuck standing there trying to sort it while your friend pushes Soupy down the stretch.

While you are trying to logic out how to slide and not lose any teeth, your sister gets a hold of the hose and manages some fine motor coordination to get the sprayer going, which you have inconveniently left set to 'jet'. And the water isn't getting any warmer even though the temperature will not stop going up and your mom has retreated to the house to make decaf virgin Arnold Palmer's because that's what grown ups are forced to do after too much fun.

But not to worry, after your sister chases you down like the dog you are, your mom arrives with lemonade. And your sweet baby sister just can't help herself. She doesn't want lemonade. She doesn't even want chocolate milk. Or a Popsicle. Or the boat for the slip n slide. All she wants is a target.

And it's hard to hold the camera steady when there's this much fun to be had. Want to come over?