Saturday, May 7, 2011

A sink

One of my earliest memories is taking a bath in the kitchen sink. It seems as though immediately after I took the bath, I was informed that I was too big to do such things anymore. Sink baths somehow hang in my memory filled with longing and fuzzy around the edges. Harry was in the kitchen sink all the time. He would just strip down and climb in. It seems to me that Suzy got her first sink bath a couple days ago while Pete was fighting with drywall in the bathroom. The floor tiles arrived this week, so hopefully we'll be put back together again soon.

And we'll be this happy:

Friday, May 6, 2011

Good night!

Usually by 8 pm, my ability to be a mom has expired. I need a good 3 hours on couch to pretend to work, watch tv, sleep and have a glass of ice water that I don't have to share with anyone. Except Pete, but he's good about not backwashing and getting refills. Lately, they like to read together. And it's hard not to like them when they do this:

However, 12 hours later, this is even better.