Tuesday, April 26, 2011

We've been busy

With things like a 7th birthday party. Or maybe a couple 7th birthday parties. At least 2 cakes and 50 cupcakes, but who's counting?

Important tip: if you frost a ninja cake, don't leave it on the kitchen table for the birthday boy's sister to devour red swiss buttercream ninja face (although she sent her compliments to the baker) resulting in huge tears dripping down the birthday boy's face (that's looking much more angular and much less round these days). whew. how about another run-on sentence?

Tractor season has arrived. For best results, put your sister in the back with bubbles before heading around the block. No need to tell Mom or Dad where you're going.

And carrots. Have I told you that thanks to the slightly annoying folks over at America's Test Kitchen we now make the most perfect roasted carrots?

Oven at 450, peel and quarter carrots, toss with 2 t olive oil, cover with foil, 15 minutes, remove foil, cook 15 minutes longer. You'll never go back.

But don't make carrots on the night of the spring concert. A boy shouldn't have to make this face twice in one night. Really, he picked the bow tie.

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