Monday, August 30, 2010

I refuse

You see, Wednesday is the first day of school in these parts. The first day of first grade, more particularly. I'm not going to go into some sort of spiral about how the small boy is really getting to be a big boy, because all I need to do is walk over to the playground on Wednesday afternoon and see the 5th graders. He's really still just a little kid. But, I do refuse to allow my next (this one, confusing I know) post about the first day of school.

Some day we are going to take a State Fair vacation. No, I know what you're thinking - it's not a vacation from going to the State Fair, it's a vacation that is planned around other State Fairs so we can go to more than one in a year.

You may have seen an earlier version of this one. We stopped at the Elegant Farmer for some peach blueberry crisp a few weeks back after going to the pool.

As you can see, we really worked up an appetite over at the pool.

And, there just wasn't enough fish to go around.

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