Monday, August 30, 2010

I refuse

You see, Wednesday is the first day of school in these parts. The first day of first grade, more particularly. I'm not going to go into some sort of spiral about how the small boy is really getting to be a big boy, because all I need to do is walk over to the playground on Wednesday afternoon and see the 5th graders. He's really still just a little kid. But, I do refuse to allow my next (this one, confusing I know) post about the first day of school.

Some day we are going to take a State Fair vacation. No, I know what you're thinking - it's not a vacation from going to the State Fair, it's a vacation that is planned around other State Fairs so we can go to more than one in a year.

You may have seen an earlier version of this one. We stopped at the Elegant Farmer for some peach blueberry crisp a few weeks back after going to the pool.

As you can see, we really worked up an appetite over at the pool.

And, there just wasn't enough fish to go around.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Something happened

I really do pay careful attention. Well, at least I try to - but apparently there are so many distractions. Do you see that chin? And, to make things worse, while we were in the Kohl's this morning, he picked out his own shoes and hat. Yes, that hat. He wore it all day long. Even while in the movie theatear (his pronunciation) for the Toy Story 3 viewing this afternoon. Somehow still hanging on to his few mispronunciations seems oddly important tonight. And then there's the matter of the sunflowers. (We're not talking about the tomatoes. It only encourages them.) I'll admit that I have not been paying any attention to these at all. They are so easy to miss. Especially when looking out my bedroom window, on the second floor.

So, if you find yourself in need of some cherry tomatoes, sunflower seeds or square chins, come see us. But not tomorrow. Tomorrow we are headed to the state fair. Heaven.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The beach

There were so many possible things we could have done yesterday afternoon. So many of those things could be considered 'productive'. But, tell me, where else could we have done this?

Of course, now you can do it in our car, or in our bathtub...

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

It's a bad day.

Scene: Cindy, Harry and Suzy walk out of the house at 8 am this morning. Temperature: roughly 80F. Relative humidity: so thick it should by all measures of reasonableness be raining.

Cindy: Whew, it's warm.Harry: Yeah, it's HOT HOT HOT
Suzy: Hey, a nuk!
Cindy: Come on, we've got to go!
Harry: You know what it's a bad day for, Mom?
Cindy: What Harry? Suzy, get in the damn car!
Suzy: Bye! Bye! Bye! (waves to the house)
Harry: A snowball fight.

Hope you're staying cool.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A hammock

Who knew they were so fun? You can lie there with your sister, or your brother. You can swing. You can mount from the end and launch the other. The hospital bills are unimaginable!

They are also a great place to hide and appear 'busy' while your parents cute down an insane amount of bushes and drag them to the curb.