Sunday, July 4, 2010

The 4th

Some of you know we live close to the park. And since this park does 4th of July festivities, I always feel compelled to have a party at the house on the 4th. Things got a little out of hand a few years ago - there were over 100 people here and I made Pete put up a tent. He remarked it was kind of like a wedding.

Thankfully we're still married.

Since then, we've scaled back, but we always manage to have a pack of Harry's friends here for the fireworks. Somehow, I took zero, nil, null, zip pictures of this event. It's a mystery. How could I have been eating sweet cherry pie with almond crumble and savoy cilantro mint slaw instead of taking pictures?

And, my fellow gumshoes, any idea on what happened to my strawberries? I've gathered the evidence.
She ate the bottom of each and every one. And then informed me that the rest of the container was, and I quote, 'uck.' She's got an expanding vocabulary - it includes nuk, fish, Daisy and Harry. But, the best is the oinking like a pig whenever she sees a happy porker.

Meanwhile, this past weekend, we took 9th place in the decorated wagon division ($6 in prize money) and somehow we crammed all these arms and legs back in for the ride home. Hope you had a great weekend.

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