Friday, May 21, 2010

Finally, a mini-me

So, this boy of ours. There are days that I look at him and I see my brother - the boy with a gross of bottle rockets (or the one who overheated the brakes on a Volvo station wagon a few years later). Then, there are days where I think, 'that must be what Peter looked like as a little boy' and then I don't know if I'm sad because my rotten brother moved away or thrilled that I have a little window to see what Pete must have been like as a boy.

But, this boy, look at him. 10 days left of kindergarten. It seems impossible.

And, don't tell anyone, but this boy told me that he loves me just a little bit more than he loves his dad. Of course, we all knew this but we weren't actually supposed to say it. It made me love him all the more. That, and he used the stick to write his name and not something else.

But this girl. Birger was right - she's been nothing but trouble since the start. Look at those feet. And, if you ask her, she'll very politely say, 'shoooooe?'

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