Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A reason

Back before we had 2 kids, people would tell us that it wasn't that big of a deal to have a second. I always assumed this was codswallop, and let me tell you, it really truly is codswallop. (I like that word today. Go with it.)

But then they do things that can just kill you dead with the cute. Like tell you that pancakes would make their legs feel better. Really, they would. Just make the pancakes and my legs will feel better and then I'll go to school. Otherwise I'll be forced to just lie here all day and play the Wii.
Or, please buy me that handband at Target. Then I'll wear it while I stand on the kitchen chairs while you make food for me to eat. And I'll look sweet while I do it. Look at me.

But, mostly, when that ridiculous brother of mine wails on the steps about whether or not his 5 minutes are up, I'll climb up next to him and be ridiculously cute. More cute than you can take. See? Just try to stand it.

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