Monday, February 22, 2010

Reasonable expectations

An essential part of a successful life, in my opinion, is how to set reasonable expectations to protect yourself from disappointment, relying too much on others or signing yourself up for too much*. When it comes to breakfast, or really, anything edible, our little Suzy has a fair bit of work to do regarding managed expectations.

Case in point, some drumsticks. You know, the delicious ice cream cones with peanuts and a chocolate bottom.

My thought on what's going through her sweet little head during this photo shoot:
  • Top left: This is awful! Why would she eat that in front of me. All I have is this thing making a mess on my hand over here
  • Top right: Finally. Did she think I would stop screaming without this in my mouth?
  • Bottom left: Can you hold this for me?
  • Bottom right: Can I have another?

*talk to me on Sunday about signing up for too much while I'm licking my wounds from having publicly humiliated myself on a beautiful Steinway.

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