Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A predisposition

As most of you know, if there is a reason in life to throw up, I throw up. Morning sickness, motion sickness, drug side affect, stress - you name it, I can puke. On my first day of first grade, I threw up all over Mrs Phillips during story time. Of course, the great irony of my life is that I married a sailor, but having done his own share of feeding the fish, he's very sympathetic.

Harry, on the other hand has only thrown up a few times in his sweet little life. Although, I'm sorry to report that the most recent time was not 20 minutes ago all over the lunch table in the school cafeteria. He's snuggled on the couch with some Sprite and a little bit of a fever. Poor little guy!

'And Mom', he said on the way home 'I got some throw up on Ori.'


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