Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Last week was my last mandatory unpaid week this year a.k.a MULA. While I'll be glad to have my 8% back, I'll be a little sorry to not have the extra month off next year. It was a good week, all in all. On Monday, I picked up Mom from the hospital after she had her port installed and then we headed over to Mayfair for some lunch and a walk through Crate and Barrel. I did some painting on Tuesday and Wednesday (think pink -- no, pinker) in Suzy's room and our room. And then there was too much laundry and cleaning and errands the rest of the week.

Last night, Pete and I went and saw 'Bright Star' at the Oriental, providng once again that he probably loves me more than I deserve. I'm fairly certain that at a certain age my children will love me for the Halloween costumes as much as I deserve.

At least they have each other. (And why is there always brightly colored plastic crap on the floor in every picture I take?)

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