Monday, October 19, 2009

This is why we live here

Since it's about to get cold and then get worse and I'm about to start whining about same (along with the itchy skin, which is already here), I thought I'd better post about yesterday, which was the perfect fall day. Warm sun, clear sky, crisp breeze and so on.

After church, the 4 of us and friends Amy and Birger headed over to the Elegant Farmer in East Troy. We enjoyed hot ham sandwiches and apple pie. Yes, that apple pie. And it was so good. Although, some of us preferred to be a bit of a grouch and only eat cookies and chocolate milk.

Someone else ate everything. And used her sweet red coat as a dust mop for all the hay and dirt all over the floor. It's ok, if she has to eat a bushel of dirt, she'd better get started now.

On our way out, Harry and Suzy stopped for a wooden pony ride and a look at the pumpkins.

On the way home, we stopped at Weston's Orchard for apples to make pies of our own (Birger made his already, my apples sit sadly on the counter waiting for a better life). Just as we were leaving for a walk through the Orchard, Ken came by with some Blenheim Orange apples. It was ridiculously crunchy and apple tasting. If you're still eating grocery store apples, STOP NOW!

Photo credits to Amy Horst

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