Monday, October 12, 2009

Simultaneously in love and ever-so-slightly alarmed

You have those moments with your spouse, too, right? Like when you realize that right now, instead of watching Monday night football, he's watching 'Craft in America' which happens to be about people who make pottery. Or last week, when he watched a program about Beowulf* instead of Spike TV.

I mean I love, love, love that he's watching this. But then I think -- 'you're watching program about pottery?'

It's his birthday on Friday. And I'm not going to forget this year. And I have to find another cake to make. I've got a few possibilities in mind, but my week is quickly dissolving what with reading meetings at school and other such nonsense.

*yes, yes, I know Beowulf is all about stabbing things.

Ok, I was just about to push publish post when the love of my life wandered over here and read this post and uttered, 'dammit! I forgot about Monday Night Football!'. Sigh.

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