Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Cheyenne and Alex (the girl)

Our dear sweet boy still likes me to walk him to school every morning so he has 'someone to hug' right after the bell rings. He also will still hold my hand on the way there and is thrilled to see us when we pick him up. He also reported earlier in the year that he and Cheyenne would always play 'Ben 10' at recess. And then a few weeks later he reported that Cheyenne only wanted to play with Neil. Sigh.

I have been dutifully attending PTO meetings and chatting with the other parents on the playground. I hadn't realized the dangers of this until Monday morning. Cheyenne's mother came over to chat.

Cheyenne's Mom: So, Cheyenne told me something interesting on Friday.
Cindy: Oh?
CM: Yes, she said, 'Harry kissed me'. I'm not worried, or making a big deal or anything, I just wanted to let you know.
Cindy: Interesting. I'll talk to him.

Bell rings. Kiss and hug boy good bye. Walk home. Call Pete. Relate story. Pete's response: 'Did that hussy ask to be kissed?'

Later that evening.

Cindy: Harry, did you kiss Cheyenne?
Harry, smiling: Yes, and Alex the girl. And Mrs. Osell didn't see me.
Cindy: Did they ask you to kiss them?
Harry: No, I just did it.

Short age appropriate discussion about only kissing girls when they ask you. And that the teacher will find out and there will be all sorts of trouble.

Honestly. I am so. not. prepared.

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