Tuesday, July 14, 2009

So much to tell you

I've started a bunch of posts in my head over the last few days - there's so much to tell you, do I do it all at once? A bunch of short posts? Do I tell you about the ant infestation that seems to be going on in our kitchen? Or about the fact that I'm considering wearing napkins instead of clothes because I'm tired of laundry and Harry doesn't seem to understand the difference? How about the 3 new pairs of shoes I bought yesterday?

No, the only thing to do is to tell you that Suzy belongs to Pete. The way Harry belongs to me. She adores him. Her lip quivers when he leaves the room. I mean, she wails when I leave, but Harry was never quite so attached to Pete. And it's adorable. I love it - and Pete eats it up. Here they are at the look out in the Buffalo Bill Museum parking lot.

You can see Pete is working on his stern-you're-going-to-take-too-many-pictures-of-me-this-week vacation look. And Suzy is working on melting him. And it's working. I mean the melting, not the feigned sour-puss look.

But don't worry about Harry. They plotted a snowball fight here at the continental divide. I was all innocent in coming out to take a photo of them playing in the snow. Really. No, really!

But, just in case the lady behind you starts talking about how cute that baby is in the little dinghy at the Pirate Ship playground in Vail Village you should know the proper thing to do is walk over and kiss your wife.

Now, I have to go think about attempting something with yeast again.

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