Friday, July 17, 2009

Adult: $22.50, Child $16.50, Infant: Free

While on vacation, we took a great little train ride on the Georgetown Loop narrow gauge railroad. The track covers a couple miles and 400 vertical feet and crosses a teetering bridge which I was assured is very secure.

There was a mine here that the railroad served and some of the leftovers - equipment, rock piles, etc. - are still around and neat to look at. There are a couple of little old western towns near the depots which were very neat to see. Suzy loved the ride - so much to look at, so many nice old men to flirt with, and of course, her dad's lap.

Harry, on the other hand, started the ride as you see below and ended it in a similar position, but snoring. Thank goodness for the free infant fare!

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