Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Party planning

Besides trying to figure out how to make a brownie/cookie/hot wheels cake (which by the way is now a brownie/cookie/planet heroes cake) I'm also struggling with the real issues related to planning a kid's birthday party, such as:
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  1. What exactly do I put in those little gift bags all the kids get? Is it ok to just give them all a matchbox car?
  2. What kid doesn't like cake?
  3. Is it wrong to tell people the kid has too much stuff and doesn't need any presents? (Please, I'm having the Mommy Dearest flashbacks, too. No, not the beating with the hanger, the one with the birthday party and then the kid only got to keep 1 present and had to give the rest away. Do you think he'll notice if I give everything in his bedroom away?)
  4. Why don't I get a present? I'm the one who did all the work 5 years ago. Which reminds me, it's really a sweet day. While he'll never remember, I'll never forget.
Sniff... where did those tissues go?

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