Sunday, March 1, 2009

A discovery

We seem to be talking a lot about feet lately. Well, I seem to be talking about feet. Lots of shoes for the girl (ha! I almost typed 'too many', well all know when it comes to shoes those words just don't EVER apply), higher and faster for the boy and so on. But, an important discovery was made last week: Suzy found her feet. Back in the day when Harry did this, he laid on his back for 2 days and held onto his feet. All I could think is how much his butt must have hurt. Since it's colder out now than when Harry discovered his feet, Suzy is spending her foot discovery time mostly pulling her socks off.

Meanwhile, last week Harry came down with a case of pink eye and after much bleach, laundry, scrubbing, washing, drying and hand washing, we thought we were in the clear. Until 126 this morning when Suzy awoke with an eye crusted shut.

Oh the love. Oh the Clorox Clean Up. Oh the Tide Free...

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