Friday, January 30, 2009

A dozen

I've always liked that word -- a dozen. An elegant way to describe an non-round number of things. Not that twelve is a bad word; not so many yw words around, so you have to appreciate that, too, and then there is base twelve, and the fact that your four fingers are each divided into three parts making for an easy dozen on your hand, and finally, let's not forget the baker's dozen, which for some odd reason is really 13. And, dozen is from French, which always sounds a little romantic to me. Anyway...

We're just home from our 4-month well baby check up and I'm pleased to report that our girl is 12 lbs, 2 oz and 23.5" long. We're still hanging around the 25% percentile on the growth chart (meaning that while 25% of kids are smaller than Suzy, 75% of them are bigger). Large muscle and basic motor things are coming along and she's got a variety of things to say, mostly in vowel sounds.

Come to think of it, vowel is an odd word, isn't it? But, I digress.

PS -- I really like digress. It's almost as good as erstwhile.

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