Wednesday, December 3, 2008

You wait and you wait

And it's so satisfying when it happens.

As you must know by now, either by talking to Harry, visiting the house or reading here, we have a lot of Legos. I mean a lot. True to form, I enjoy sorting and storing the Legos in an organized fashion. I also like the sorting and storing are nearly the same word with just the t and o switched around, neatly implying that they should be done together. Language is fun, especially when it helps you like that -- here, Cindy, do the sorting before storing. They even alphabetize that way. OK, OK, I know, you don't want to read my language dalliances, you want to hear about my kids. Ha.

ANYway... When we were kids (ca. 1970s), Legos came in brick sets and you were required to use your imagination to build things, or you could copy the square looking things on the box. Now Legos come in sets like this and this and even this. Yes, that is a Lego VW bug, and yes, it probably runs a little better than mine. But, it costs more.

So, we bought these sets -- well, I bought these sets. And we hoped that sooner or later Harry would imagine up some things to make. Wait for it:

Cindy: 'Harry, what is that?'

Harry: 'It's a stop light that shoots you if you don't listen.'

And I thought he was a pacifist. Well, at least he knows what pacifist means. (Really, I have to tell myself something.)

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