Saturday, December 27, 2008


I think that if you do it right, life is made up of the little moments - tiny snapshots of time - that you notice the amazing part of every day life. If you're not careful, these slip past you. Every once in a while, be sure you grab on to one and slip it into your pocket for later on.

Here are some of our December moments (I know, I know, I owe you some Christmas photos, but I'll get there. Part of the trouble is I'm still having trouble believing that he actually bought this for me.)

After stepping on a Lego, and getting himself 2 stitches, Harry had the brainy idea to haul his table and chairs downstairs for a building space that Daisy wouldn't dogzilla up.
We got a new fridge, which was supposed to be from Santa, but Harry declared that 'Santa doesn't bring bored presents'. He does have a point.

Club cracker creations continue - latest 'recipede': crackers, sharp cheddar and ketchup. Yum?

'And my baby sister wants Legos, too!'

This year was the first time we cut a fresh tree. I had a Courier and Ives vision of tromping through a snowy field, dragging Harry on a sled, etc. etc. Pete found a lovely tree farm where evergreens are grown like corn fields. I suppose you aren't supposed to go around cutting other people's trees down.

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