Saturday, December 20, 2008

Key limes

First, it's snowing again. Honestly. Pete spent the day moving snow at the shop, then at his mom's house (both of them!) and then a little clean up at my parent's house. Honestly, why do we live here?

Meanwhile, Harry, Suzy and I had a busy day - off to Target for nappies, then Whole Foods for wild blueberries (I know, but like Birger points out, they have indoor parking, and, it's heated), and then we were off to church. You see, Suzy has her acting debut tomorrow morning at the nativity pageant. So, we had to go to rehearsal. And she was so perfectly lovely during rehearsal that I'm afraid she will be unable to repeat the performance.

But this post really isn't about all that. It's about what Harry said at Whole Foods, while gazing down at Suzy.

"It sure is awfully nice to have a baby, isn't it Mom?"

And I teared up in the Whole Foods while holding on to the bag of key limes.

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