Sunday, November 16, 2008


A bit of the baby blues set in last week. Nothing terrible, but enough to know I needed to get out of the house and amongst society. So, Friday I went into work, but of course, before I went to work, I took Suzy over to Pete's mom and then Harry and I had breakfast at McDonald's before school.

At McDonald's at 830 on Friday morning, there was the requisite pack of old guys having breakfast, which seems strange, but I guess it's what old guys do. These old guys, seemed a little smarter than average, since one of them had a grocery bag filled with dark chocolate Dove ice cream bars. He was sharing with his friends, and when I asked the obvious question ("are you having ice cream for breakfast?"), he replied in the affirmative and offered to share.

Pete went to the Packer game this weekend - they left on Saturday and did their weird boy sleepover thing. I survived the weekend with the kids okay, with a little dinner with friends (stop what you're doing now and make it - so good), church this morning and then the afternoon at my mom's. Early in my maternity leave (a.k.a. baby vacation) I made a face about staying home alone with the kids and Pete went out on a limb and made a remark about being able to run library services for a Fortune 500 company and 'was I going to let 2 little kids get the best of me'?

All I have to say is my hat is off to you stay at home moms - let me know if anyone of you need a Dove bar for breakfast.

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Goldstein said...

I'm a little late to the website (my apologies), but congratulations to yourself, Pete, and Harry on the new addition. And great to see that Pete has been able to keep his priorities through it all (he's not the only guy I know who won't miss Dancing With the Stars).

- Mark (and Stephanie, and the kids)