Monday, October 13, 2008

Your big brother

Maybe it's because I have an older brother, but I feel it's important for every girl to have one. They can be handy and a pain in the hinder all at the same time. The age gap between Harry and Suzy is a little larger (4.5 years vs. 13 months), but I imagine he will still give her a ride to school or put the chain back on her bike and so on. The general consensus around here is that Suzy looks a lot like Harry when he was born. I figure there are worse things that can happen to a girl, and of course, Harry was a very cute baby. However, I do hope that Suzy ends up looking more like a girl than Harry as she gets a little older. (I also really hope she doesn't end up with a chin like Dan's!)

Harry is very proud of Suzy - today he asked if we were taking her into school and then motioned for all of his pals to come over and have a look. We were running a little late, so he didn't get much action, but I wondered how long this activity would continue.

Anyway, I know you really don't want to be looking at a picture of Dan and me at the Milwaukee Public Museum from last Christmas, so check these out:

PS - Paul, I finally figured out the date: it only shows atop the first post of the day.

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