Monday, October 6, 2008

Wednesday: Sailing or Suzy?

My mom came over tonight to hang out with Harry and fold the previously mentioned laundry. (Our dining room table is covered in baby clothes. Ridiculous how one little tiny thing can need so much stuff.) Harry seems to have a bit of a low grade fever going, but some Tylenol knocked that out and he had a nice night at home with Ama. Tomorrow we'll take it easy in the morning, maybe make some french pancakes. Then he'll go over to Kelly's and I'll head down to see Suzy.

Pete and I went to feed Suzy tonight. She woke around 8 and we changed her nappy (the poor thing doesn't have a butt), took her temperature, weighed her and feed her. She gained half an ounce since yesterday and her temperature is just fine. Pete's mom fed her around 5 pm and she took nearly 2 ounces and about the same when I fed her tonight. We had to bring her car seat in so they could do a pulse ox test on her while sitting in the seat to ensure she will be able breathe properly while positioned in her seat.

So, the nurse mentioned that there was a chance she could go home on Wednesday at the earliest and by the weekend at the latest. While I'm very anxious for her to come home, I want them to keep her there just as long as they think necessary. But, man, I'm tired and would be glad to stay home.

Keep your fingers crossed.

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