Sunday, October 5, 2008

The unused IV site

Another tube out. Suzy is suffering no lack of appetite, so yesterday after we left the nurse was able to remove the IV site from her hand. She still has a line in her belly button, which we are hoping will come out on Monday, leaving her with just 2 patches - one to monitor her heart rate and the other her lungs. Today we will have a couple of 21 cc feedings and then up to 24. Suzy needs to get to 30 cc's (roughly an ounce) before coming home.

I am still tiring quickly and having some fragile moments. Pete is holding things together wonderfully and will even manage to get the boat out on schedule. I'm hoping that when Suzy comes home we'll all be able to have a few days together to figure out our new routine. Poor Daisy, I'm sure she'll think this is a terrible trick.

This morning in church they lit a candle of life for Suzy, our church's way of welcoming and celebrating a birth, adoption or death into the community. This was my first trip into society (that didn't involve getting a gallon of milk) since I checked into the hospital on 9/24. I was reminded that besides Suzy's progress and Harry's innate flexibility, we are so very glad to have the caring people around us that have made this just a little bit easier on all of us.

PS - Ant, you were right, it really is a lovely name.

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