Friday, October 17, 2008


Harry is 3 hours into his first sleepover. He's at TJ and Elizabeth's house - their mom, Jenny, is my friend from the 1st grade, and I probably had one of my first sleepovers at her house. We're thinking that there is a 50% chance of a phone call to bring the boy home. But, otherwise we'll fetch him in the morning and see how he did.

Meanwhile, we had trouble decided if we should take advantage of the time at home or go out to dinner. Eventually, sloth won out and we were too lazy to make food so we went to the club for a fish fry.

And, no matter what your politics, Sarah Palin ought to stay off SNL - Tina Fey is rocking that impression.

I'm going to go find some leftover cake.

PS - Dan, Sarah, etc. - thanks for the bitty baby - she's the same size as Suzy!

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