Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Reading, sharing and visitors

Pete reminded me that we should let folks know about visitors. I'm blaming the woozy drops (which stop in 40 minutes) for not remembering that people like to visit babies. I wonder how long I can use those as an excuse before switching over to the standard mommy brain.

Harry and Suzy met yesterday afternoon. He has already promised Pete to take good care of her forever and explained to Jack that he must be nice to his baby sister. He's also most concerned about his legos, as 'she could choke on them'. (A thinly veiled disguise for not being interested in sharing his legos, in my opinion.) Are you surprised that I pointed out that this is why it's important to put your legos away? He insisted on singing 'Good Night Sweetheart' to her and promised that he would read his Sam and Mat books to her. (I think I haven't managed to tell you that Harry has successfully started reading over the past 2 weeks.)

Anyway, Suzy's visitor list is pretty short - just the 3 of us and grandparents. She is doing great, but there are other babies over there that need a little more help than her getting going. As I mentioned before, we expect her to be home in a week or two and will be glad to receive visitors then. (See the first post about the dust - no guarantees on a change of that state.)

As for visiting me (I'm going to pretend that someone still wants to see me, instead of Suzy who I have to tell you is practically perfect in every way), I'm planning on spending most of the day today sitting with Suzy. I'm not sure they will let me go home tonite, but hope springs eternal.

Harry is holding up like a champ on his grandmother vacation, but I must confess that I'd like to wake up and wonder what time the silly kid got into our bed and drag him down for a bowl of cereal and to watch SuperWhy!

Still don't have a 20 on the camera cable, but Jean reminded me that I could shut down the wireless on my Blackberry and use that for a few photos of our girl. I'll get those up later today -not to worry, I'll get a flattering angle for her feet.

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