Tuesday, October 7, 2008

One last night of sleep

Suzy gained an ounce! The doctor considered letting her go home today, but she has acquired a case of breastfeeding jaundice. She's got the glo-worm blue light on her back for the night and hopefully won't need to come home with it. In addition to the yellow skin, the jaundice makes her sleepy and less likely to eat as well as she would, so they thought it best to keep her just one more night before sending her home with us tomorrow.

I told Harry I was going to go get some nappies for Suzy today. He said, 'Mom, don't forget the wipes' - it's a good thing he remembered, because somehow I had forgotten. I stopped on my way home this afternoon and managed to remember nappies, wipes, plugs, butt paste and a cart full of other necessities. I also managed to go to the Public Market at lunch time and practiced my German (nouns good, cases and verbs bad, medical terminology even worse) with Birger's parents and acquired some green things for our fridge - it's been a little sketchy here lately in the vegetable department.

So, assuming all goes well tomorrow and we really do bring our girl home, we'll be open for visitors this weekend. We're considering going to church Sunday morning, but otherwise we'll be here. You may want to call first, but we won't turn anyone with cookies away.

PS - Craig and Brent, thanks so much for the lovely layette!

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