Friday, October 3, 2008

A new lunch table

I think that I'm going to put more miles on driving to Sinai than I have driving to work in the last month.

Today I got to feed Suzy. While not quite as colorful as my usual lunch table, she held her own. She did very well, but it's hard work for such a little girl. She takes about a teaspoon at a time, and then needs a 2 hour nap. So, we ate twice, we both had a nap (I think I might have done just a tiny bit of snoring in my rocking chair) and then it was time to come home and see Harry (read: build various things out of legos). We'll head back later tonight for some dinner and then do it all again tomorrow.

In respiratory news, sometime this afternoon Suzy should be breathing 100% on her own. This is good news, since it's one less cord to get tangled up while holding her. We also have a tiny case of jaundice going on, so she's been baking under the bilirubin light for a couple days now. She still has a heart and lung monitor, an IV site on her hand, a catheter in her belly button and a blood gas monitor on her foot. Mom said yesterday that she is wired for sound, and I'm looking forward to the removal of each device, but at the same time feel very fortunate for the progress medical science has made in the last 500 years. (It reminds me of that line about 'back in the 1500's surgery was really exciting and had great possibility, but did you really want to be the one on the table?')

I am feeling much better. I was feeling a little fragile on Wednesday, but a day with Pete and coming home Thursday has done much to remedy that situation. I tire quickly, and this is the only silver lining I can find in not having our girl here - we're all able to get some good sleep until the inevitable 2 hour schedule and never ending sleep deprivation headache kicks in.

Aren't kids great?

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