Sunday, October 12, 2008

Nerf disaster

Whew. Seems like we didn't do anything this weekend and at the same time like we did everything. Church this morning and a quick stop at Target where in my delusional haze, I thought it was a good idea to buy Harry a Nerf gun. (Why? Why did I do this??) Upon arriving home, we cooked up so many rules related to the gun that I'm amazed he still thinks it's fun. Don't point the gun at people, don't point it at the dog, only shoot it outside, keep the bullets out of the neighbor's yard, etc. etc. etc. It occurred to me that I was trying to make the gun part of polite society - an act doomed for failure. Of the 6 original plunger/dart/bullet things, we have just 4 left, and the little bugger was smart enough to notice they sell replacement bullets.

Meanwhile, Suzy is doing just great. She slept through church and we're almost happy to hear her cry some, since she is so very quiet. I tortured her with another bath with the same results. I do hope it's just a phase, since I explained that no one really likes a stinky baby. We'll run some errands tomorrow (including the library!) while Harry is at school.

In other important household news, Daisy lost a tooth due to some poor dental hygiene. I gave her a toothbrush and explained how to use it, but apparently she didn't work it into her lay on the couch and bark at the mailman routine. Pete tried to brush them today with mild success. She is 12 now, but some how we still think of her as a puppy.

I'm going to go sing the boy a song before bed and then watch the rest of the baseball game - it's looking like there will be a dogpile on the mound sooner or later. I'm also trying to get Pete to run to Dairy Queen for a strawberry sundae.

PS - Gretchen, thanks for the pink suits and games with Harry - he was still talking about you tonight before bed. Anna, thanks for the lovely sweater and games with Harry. Joanne, thanks for the carseat cover loan and the sleeper.

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