Friday, October 31, 2008

Let sleeping babes lie

Last night was one of those amazing nights that Harry feel asleep at 645 pm. It's always a gamble - do you try and wake him at 715 and then put him back to bed at 830 or just see if he sleeps through. Well, we left him and he stayed asleep until he was wide awake, along with Suzy, at 3 am. Well, I was wide awake too. So, Suzy ate and Harry and I watched The Flintstones which really was a silly show. Happily everyone was back to sleep before 4 am. But, shees, what a morning.

Next week is my last week of 'baby vacation'. (Term coined by Pete and find me later for the editorial related to calling this 'vacation'.) We're getting a new furnace on Monday, an upgrade (200 amp!) to our electrical service on Tuesday and then Wednesday I see the doctor and am hopefully cleared for regular activity and an end to blood pressure medication. It should be a busy week.

Meanwhile, everyone is invited to the super basement cleaning party this weekend.

PS - Uncle Roger + crew - thanks so much for the pony. Every girl needs one.

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