Saturday, October 25, 2008


In my world, there are 2 types of people:

1. Those willing to stick their hand into a pumpkin
2. Those unwilling to do same

Harry and I are of the second variety, so thank goodness we have Pete (and for me in previous years, my mom) to do the dirty work. As you must have guessed, last night we turned perfectly good pie ingredients into seasonal decorations that will rot in our south facing bay window. Fun was had by one and all.

And, we also started the annual game where Pete thinks I'm going to make roasted pumpkin seeds so he saves in them in a bowl and I let them sit there until they are all water logged and rotten and throw them out. Who am I to mess with 9 years of tradition? But, this made me wonder which of the tasks I've convinced myself are essential to the library that never get finished and we all live without that I could save time and money by not even starting them in the first place?

In other news, Suzy makes the cutest little faces. I know, I know, most babies make funny faces, but let's face it - Suzy's are the most unqiue, adorable little girl faces. (Paul, you are allowed to disagree after your daughter arrives.) Of note:

I'm trying to convince myself that this isn't the 'oh, you are my mom' face.

PS - Auntie Linda, the lobster is adorable!!!

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