Thursday, October 23, 2008

A clean house

So I finally got myself over to MPL's site to check for Consumer Reports vacuum review (that's right, you can access Consumer Reports for free from your local library) which they did in the last issue. Apparently, I should be buying a canister vacuum, since they are better for bare floors. But, stick vacuums (not for stick people) work quite well on bare floors also, and cost a fraction of the price. So, I bought a Dirt Devil Power Stick and I have this to say about it:

1. I love it
2. It's great on stairs
3. The cord could be longer
4. It's annoying to not be able to turn it on with a foot
5. I love it
6. Totally worth the $44.99
7. Suzy sleeps through the following simultaneous events: barking dog, vacuum running, ipod playing Johnny Cash's Flosom Prison Blues
8. Harry thinks it's a special boy vacuum and likes to use it (things are getting better and better, no?)

Then, so inspired, I dusted the living room and dining room, and then cleaned the kitchen (while on the phone, annoying, I know) and took myself and Harry to the dentist. I also folded a zillion loads of laundry. Seriously -- where does it all come from?

Meanwhile, this stick vacuum thing got me thinking: they took an existing product and spun up something new. It does the same thing as a regular vacuum, but it's small and ever so slightly different. Sort of like Cirque de Soliel (I refuse to look up how to spell it because the people in it look like clowns and are just too scary to see this close to bed time) - it's just a modern version of the circus. Anyway, it made me think about what fresh take I could make on a current service or product.

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