Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cindy shaped dents

Hello from the couch. My couch. On Pine Street.

Let's do the update on me and then get to the fun stuff. Pete picked me up this morning and brought me home (after a stop at Panera since the food situation here is a little sketchy right now). My blood pressure has come down very nicely and I will be on a medication for a few weeks to make sure it stays down. I think the MD wanted me to stick around for another day, but that would have required straps and a psych consult so I'm home with an order for bed rest. I'm allowed to drive down and see Suzy, so the tentative plan is for us to get Harry off for his day in the mornings and then head down to spend the day with Suzy.

Harry is on a farm field trip today with Grandma Jean. I'll be here when he gets home and we'll have a nice afternoon together. Meanwhile, I'm going to watch some quality daytime television and have a shower. (I am more excited about the shower than the television.)

Suzy is doing very well. Premature babies often make good progress followed by a couple steps backward. It's lots of work and their little bodies pay for the work they do to make the progress. Yesterday they had to give her a little more help breathing since she wasn't quite as efficient as hoped and there was a little too much CO2 floating around in her blood gas. This morning things were looking beautiful and we are hoping that she will breathe unassisted starting a little later today. Depending on how that goes, they will pipe some milk (yep, that's going fine too, although a little more mechanically than hoped) down to her belly. With luck, in the next few days I'll be able to try feeding her. Finally, she's got a tiny case of jaundice going, so in top of a few other monitors, she's got a billilight and an itty-bitty eye mask to help cook that out.

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