Thursday, October 9, 2008

An angry bath

So we're home. Harry was very pleased to get Suzy yesterday and gazed at her all the way home. He insisted on whispering, since she was asleep, and sang 'Good Night Sweetheart' and 'Wake Up, Little Suzy' all the way home. He enjoyed holding her, but couldn't sit still very long, since he had a job to do.
We gave Suzy a bath, which made her madder than I've ever seen her. Harry couldn't decide if he wanted to help or run away as so not to hear the wailing. It was a little nutso in here with her screaming and him running back and forth from the kitchen sink (bath site) and the couch. She was up to eat at 11, 2 and 5 - I took the 11 and 2 and made Pete do the 5. She's eating very well (it's getting a little less mechanical) and looking more pink than yellow (jaundice clearing up). We see the pediatrician Friday morning for a check up, and I imagine everything will be fine.

Meanwhile, we're all staying home today. Maybe a little work in the nursery - which is looking less like storage space and more like a bedroom. Pete is home until Monday and the weather here is supposed to be beautiful.

Altho, everything looks better when you have a Harry and a Suzy at home.

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