Monday, September 29, 2008

Hot drugs

Magnesium sulfate makes you hot and drowsy. I do like a little chemistry lesson now and then, but I could have lived without this one.

Anyway, we're on our way to a nice delivery which hopefully won't take too long. Although, the nurse anesthesiologist was just here to discuss pain management plans. Pete is finishing up a few things and will come down after lunch to read the paper. When my mom was in labor with Dan, my dad checked things out at the hospital and decided not much was happening so he went to shoot some skeet at the gun club. Pete told me this morning on the phone that he was going to the gun club, which I shared with my dad who said, 'I don't blame him. Does he need to borrow a gun?'

This morning Pete told Harry the baby was coming. Apparently this was not as interesting as SuperWhy!, but of course Harry has known for months that a baby was coming.

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Kari said...

Go baby!

I hope you are shopping for shoes!