Friday, September 26, 2008

Baby Update

Well, no I can't tell you if it's Suzy or Speed Racer just yet, sorry to disappoint.

The short story is I've taken up residence at Aurora Sinai Medical Center. I'm feeling fine and the baby is doing great, but a few labs results are just south of normal. Mainly we're on the watch for preeclampsia - high blood pressure during pregnancy.

All these things resolve with delivery, but if you're keeping track, I'm only 35 weeks along. (Most babies are done baking around 40 weeks, but they normally just fine afer 37 weeks, which is about when I delviered Harry.) So, we're taking it day by day. I'm hoping not to be here for the stretch.

Meanwhile, I'm giving the library salesmen a break and concentrating on negotiating with the doctors and nurses. We really do live in fabulous times - the hospital has free* wireless in patient rooms, which means I should be able to get through this with a pile of recipes from my favorite cooking blogs, too many movies and too much TV watched, much email read and ignored, a new appreciation/hate for Microsoft SharePoint.

Pete and Harry are doing fine. I shudder to think of the state of the house when we're all done with this, but what's a little dust? And, as Pete pointed out, I gave up dusting long ago. So, if you've got a longing to dust, make circle pb&j sandwiches, play legos or do some laundry, head over to our house.

I'll keep this udpated as things progress, hopefully with a baby picture sooner rather than later.

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