Wednesday, November 5, 2014

The morning after

I can't turn on NPR the morning after an election. I'm not a particularly political person, but I do know what I think is right and what I think 'we' should do. But, the morning after an election when you turn it on, you try not to hear the disappointment/glee in the soft-spoken announcers voices. Maybe it's not really there and I'm making an assumption about the announcers leaning based on their employer, but there you have it. So I don't turn it on. I drive north out of the suburbs up the tree lined street and remind myself to pay attention to the view. What I'm really thinking about is how to write this paragraph. If I should write this paragraph. And how I can talk Pete into writing a paragraph with me. 

Because we've got something together. And if we can get it out, it just might be worth reading. And I've reached the point in my life that I know that what I really want to be is worth reading. So, let's see how we do with a paragraph a day. Maybe even two.

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