Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A pile of boxes

Last Friday, we were in Target doing some shopping for the babies. Look, I know they aren't babies any more. But I like calling them Larson babies. Even if they really are kids. Or rodents.

It's important to remember that there are two of them for the remainder of this post (which will doubtless be too long, but you're here already so you might as well stick around). Anyway. We're in Target buying something called Skylanders, which I don't get but the dudes in the video game section assure me that it's the coolest thing this year. From the looks of it, I'm certain Harry will appreciate it even though it's not made of Legos. There are already a number of pink and princess shaped things in the cart when the following conversation happens:

Cindy: 'So, I think we're pretty much done with Suzy but need a few more things for Harry.'
Pete: 'That boy already has everything. He doesn't need anything else.'

I make a face but don't press the issue. We return home, I go to the super secret closet and sort out the piles. To Harry, from Suzy. To Suzy, from Harry. From Papa. From Santa. Wait. let's look at those from Santa piles again:

Suzy: an enormous pile of dollhouse princess dress pink love. 12 boxes. One giant box.
Harry: 3 boxes. 1 pair of socks. (look, I already know socks are a lame present, but these have Perry the platypus on them. they are cool. Yes, I know, they are still socks.)

I carefully broach the subject with Pete. I suggest items that Pete in fact wants for himself. The motion is approved. The to Harry and Dad from Santa labels are rejected. After all, the boy has friends with power. You have to be careful.

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